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Custom Solutions

We have the unique ability to print, store, assemble and ship all of your marketing materials under one roof in an effort to save you time and money.

Variable Data Printing
San Diego Printers provides Print-on-demand (POD) and variable data print (VDP) technologies allowing for personalized direct mail or marketing messages, as well as smaller print quantities with rapid turnaround at affordable pricing. This allows SDP to help meet tight deadlines with a greater impact on the targeted audience while minimiziing inventory obsolescence.

Direct Mail
Production is our specialty at San Diego Printers which enables our customers to delegate an entire direct mail or digital project to us. We are able to provide our clients with a wide range of marketing solutions and services enabling them to focus on other projects or marketing responsibilities. At SDP we have extensive storage and the capability to ship to throughout the US and the world.

Custom Collateral
At San Diego Printers we can deliver supportive materials to help your company establish credibility and make sales more effective. Marketing collateral aligned with your corporate identity enhances your brand while presenting a unified message to your audience. SDP can help promote your company to support your sales cycle by delivering an attractive and cohesive representation with brochures, catalogs, presentations, visual aids along with copywriting and editing services.

Digital Asset Management
San Diego Printers has the capablility to offer digital asset management (DAM) by storing, organizing, and managing a client’s files and assets. Electronic files, including text, photographs, layouts, and databases have different requirements which SDP can store and retrieve from simple to highly complex and allow the client to focus on other critical issues.

Client Resources

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